Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Thank you to everyone reading my posts.  by reading my posts you keep me wanting to write more and more of my thoughts everyday! I actually look forward to writing in this blog.
I haven't ever written a blog before I built, I knew that I would need something apart from Facebook and Google+( +HartWebpages ) to really show People that this is an active website and application development business.

I am hoping that the blog will allow people to interact with Hartwebpages and myself in order to provide better products for my customers, as well as (hopefully) gain some new ones, and keep people interested in Web Design and application development.

I think my main project, that I am going to actually work on, right now is going to be is a site that my dad was running for quite some time, he has been in the computer industry since I was little and started a website for a business that we ran as a family in Deadwood, SD giving tours of what was left of the Chinese underground there in Deadwood.
From there he started doing Electronic newsletters for a smoke shop in Rapid City, and quickly moved on to building websites for hunting clubs and other people that needed sites for other purposes.

he is an old school website builder and has allowed me to take over the site and the business produced from that site, knowing that I will be able to bring OutdoorWebpages into the Future with fun new Technology and a willingness to update it on a regular basis with fun new ideas, and knowing that I will be able and willing to spend the time, doing what I love, Writing the Code and building the site.

so look forward to seeing more wonderful websites with the HartWebpages or OutdoorWebpages Mark!

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