Friday, March 15, 2013


Fridays Suck and are awesome all at the same time.

they Suck because they seem to drag on, all day long. they just might be longer than Mondays.
I think that they are so long because I am thinking about what I am going to do after work and all weekend, all day long.  being a procrastinator doesn't help, I put of weekend preparations all week long until Friday comes, probably a bad habit from my earlier partying days, when the weekend meant partying and having a good time, and you didn't know what the plan was, because riding by the seat of your pants was half of the fun. but now I just put things off that I could do quickly (that I should be doing everyday) until the end of the week and then it seems overwhelming.  Eventually I will have a set routine for all of the things that I need to do during the week and monthly, hopefully doing this will relieve some of the stress of my Fridays.

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